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Tactical, survival and looking knives

While you are searching for a excellent knife, bear in mind American hand-crafted knives through ray Ennis, knife maker of entree America knives. Entree knives are specifically made for looking and survival, as well as tactical knives.

When you are inside the market for a fine knife, take into account American made entree use knives. You could find entree knives specially made for looking and survival, in addition to homemade tactical knives. Entree American made knives are homemade, of the best craftsmanship, and designed by means of global famed knife craftsman, ray w. Ennis. Considering the fact that 1973, expert ray Ennis has revamped 7000 knives at some point of his illustrious career. Each entree knife is made the use of the rust resistant 440c chrome steel. The knives are warmness treated, stabilized and then double drawn to withstand corrosion, maintain durability and maintain the threshold. Entree knives are manufactured using the trendy technology, as well as time tested hand-crafting strategies which include glass beading blade and the cope with for superior grip even inside the wettest conditions.

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The entree u.S.A. 11bravo

the maximum famous and fine promoting version of knife is the 11bravo.This version is entree’s most famous fixed blade knife. This knife is also a favorites device of the American army and is classed as a survival knife. With a stable grip crafted from the equal inventory of black canvas MI carta to ensure coloration uniformity, this knife withstands the elements to withstand corrosion and degradation.

Entree looking and tactical fashions

entree additionally makes a specialty of both the tactical and searching knife, as properly. As looking and tactical knives cross, over 30 American made models are available from enter, together with the 14.5 inch lengthy strike eagle right down to the 6.Five inch long  lynx, to call only a couple. The sheath for this form of knife is custom molded from black keyed to healthy each knife, making sure the sheath tightly and securely suits the blade. The sheaths are ready with belt clips to permit strapping the knife to the leg or to tools. Due to the tight-fitting sheath, the knife stays securely enclosed when mountaineering, crawling or moving approximately beneath different severe situations. For a rugged knife with intense endurance, pick one of the enter searching or tactical fashions.

The enter force recon series

The unique enter pressure recon has a partially sharpened edge and measures 11 7/eight inches average. The 7 inch blade’s end is bead blasted and the blade crafted from 440c stainless steel. This model is an outstanding desire as a survival device or a camp knife. The Bowie is 12 inches usual and a fixed-blade version. The double edged mike model, the modern-day incarnation of the series. This knife is a Persian Bowie, additionally with a length of 12 inches standard. This series gives the patron numerous options, whilst maintaining the great and craftsmanship that the enter name stands for.

All knives made by enter are advanced American-made knives, constructed with best craftsmanship and interest to the smallest detail, such as uniformity of grip shade, blade consistency and standard style. Several fashions to pick from make certain that you may locate the exact knife on your desires and budget. For camping, searching, or tactical purposes, enter is always the exceptional choice. Recollect the enter name when wholesale knives for any motive or price range.


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